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Galahad Jones is a comedy drama that tells the story of 2 army veterans from 3rd parachute regiment, both injured in a friendly fire incident in Northern Ireland in the 1980’s. 25 years on, Galahad, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, is struggling, barely existing on the fringes of society, working as a lavatory cleaner, whilst his friend Mitch, who was also caught up in the friendly fire incident, is homeless. One day a chance occurrence presents Galahad and Mitch with an opportunity that may enable them to find their way back from their hopeless predicaments, whilst at the same time, having the potential to jeopardise Galahad's daughter Cleo Jones’s fledgling career in the police force. Galahad Jones is very much an allegorical story of our time, with so many struggling to survive with the cost of living crisis, Galahad Jones is a story about redemption, about the difficulty of finding your way back once you’ve fallen out of society, something that can, and does, so easily happen to so many who suffer a setback in life. Click here to watch Galahad Jones Trailer


The inspiration behind Galahad Jones came, in part, from a trip to London. Arriving at Paddington station one day and using the ladies toilets, I was struck by how almost invisible two cleaning ladies seemed to be to the hundreds of people who bustled in and out using the immaculate facilities they were working so hard to keep clean.


Whilst working nightshifts at ITN in London, directing the ITV Morning News, I became friendly with the overnight cleaning staff. I spoke a lot with one lady in particular. She had emigrated from Africa, she had a disabled son. Her best friend had died suddenly, so she had adopted her late friend’s child. She worked all night and did two other jobs during the day to try and feed and clothe her family. She was lucky if she managed to get 2 hours sleep a night.


Daily I pass people living rough on the street, more and more people are struggling with the cost of living, and the numbers of homeless people are swelling by the day. They all look so sad and so lost, the forgotten souls. Having spent one Christmas working for Crisis Homeless Shelters in London, it became clear to me that circumstances and situations that can befall any of us at any time, can lead to a life on the streets; illness; bereavement; breakdown in relationships; job losses; in this uncertain world it could happen to any of us, and yet, as easy as it is to fall foul of the system, and become one of the forgotten, invisible souls of society, how on earth do you find your way back?


I wanted to make this film to celebrate two such characters, Galahad and Mitch, homeless army veterans, both struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving in the military, like so many others. I wanted to highlight their innate nobility and spirit, just because they, like so many others, have fallen on hard times, it in no way diminishes their integrity, or makes their lives any less valuable. There are far too many like them, and there will be more in the current political and economic climate. I hope this film helps people to remember them, and make all those struggling and suffering like Galahad and Mitch less invisible, and less forgotten.


Mark Barton - Cinematographer I have worked in film and television since 1984, working with the likes of the BBC, Aardman Animations, Netflix and more. Now teaching film making, I enjoy passing on my knowledge and experiences to the next generation of film makers, plus learning from them as well. With a keen interest in actual film, I have a vast collection of both feature films, and equipment, using super 8, 16mm and cinema 35mm. Something which has caught the eyes of film prop masters, who on several occasions have rented my kit for their productions, Animal Einsteins (BBC) and Sex Education (Netflix) plus a 35mm projector for Steven Spielberg's TV series, Masters of the Air (Amblin', Apple TV) My approach to filming Galahad Jones (Bexfilms), was based on conversations with the director, Rebecca Goff, on the 'look' and feel of the film. The character of Jones needed to be shown as a man down on his luck, who through an adventure, finds his self worth, and value to others. Therefore, the lighting and imagery segues between the cold sterility of his work place, to the warmth of the cafe when he meets with his daughter, to the frantic train station sequence, and the final calm ending. As Bex and myself have been Level 1 Film Lead Technical Instructors for the past few years, I wanted to showcase the kit that we give our level 1 students to work with on their own productions, and to work with a camera that offered little in the way of build size or complication, so settled on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera using primarily a 28mm prime, shooting in 4k raw.
Stew Jackson - Music Stew Jackson is known for composing the soundtrack to The Outlaws (2021), My Scientology Movie (2015) and Liaison (2023). Whilst sharing stages with the likes of Sugar Man superstar Rodriguez, Stew Jackson is as much at home on the road as a guitar-toting hired gun as he is in the studio, having produced and toured with a range of artists from The Black Crowes’ Marc Ford to Bristolian country-soul virtuosos Phantom Limb. For the best part of a decade, he has also collaborated alongside Massive Attack founding member Grant Marshall with a divergent line-up of vocalists such as Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, Blur’s Damon Albarn, Rival Sons’ Jay Buchanan, reggae old-schooler Horace Andy, and Mercury Music Prize-nominated artist Ghostpoet.
Neil Sherman - Sound Supervisor My passion for sound started at a young age. I played in bands with friends and was inspired by the electronic music of the 1990s. Massive attack, Portishead, The Chemical Brothers and much more. My favourite music in those days was made using kit that was unattainably expensive. I read sound tech magazines and decided I wanted to learn how to use the tools of my heroes. I decided to study music tech, but really enjoyed a module on sound for film. Eventually I got my first TV sound job working on Channel 4 'Skins' as a sound trainee. This training led to more work in the film and TV industry. I worked as Boom Operator and Sound Recordist on a wide range of productions for 12 years, filming across the UK and Europe. I now work at UWE full time but like to keep my hand in when I can. When Bex asked me to be a part of Galahad Jones, I was happy to join the team. I think it makes us better teachers if we have experience working with the same tools that we train the students to use.
 Asheka McDavid - Make-up Artist I am Asheka Mcdavid also known as amcdavidmua. I am a professional makeup artist who has been in the industry since 2017 and have completed level two and three media makeup at college, after this, I then went on to study Specialist Makeup Design at university. I would say my favourite genre of makeup is special effects as I have always loved horror, so, being able to create looks that involve blood and gore is one of my favourite things to do. My time working on the set of Galahad Jones was a great experience as it was my first time working on the set of a film and the types of makeup looks I created were ageing makeup on Galahad and straight (normal/beauty) makeup for the rest of the cast and any needed touch-ups.
Robert Loud - Sound Mixer I have a passion for cutting stories. I am a determined, competent technical problem solver who enjoys the software and hardware challengers of production and post-production. I enjoy working with like-minded crew to get work over the finish line. I am an advanced user of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Davinci Resolve Studio. I am an intermediate user of AVID Protools and a beginner at AVID Media Composer. As an Editor/DIT I have worked with Arri, Red, Sony, Canon, Black Magic and Panasonic workflows and have a broad and in-depth knowledge of hardware and software from pre- to post-production. I also use AI post production tools such as Topaz Labs and Runaway AI. Qualifications: Filmmaking BA | UWE Bristol (Graduation 2024) . Set Ready and Riseup Career Programmes | National Youth Film Academy
Syreeta Parris - Hair & Make-up I am a Bristol Born Hair specialist with vast experience in the hair industry for 25 plus years. I work with all hair types and specialize in Afro and Multicultural. My main areas of expertise are Hairstylist including Barbering, Managerial and Teaching. I worked in Gaudi hair in Bristol for 16 years then relocated to London. I have worked and trained with companies such as L’Oréal, Wella, Tigi, Mizani and Affirm to name a few. I am a qualified Assessor, Tutor and a Lead IQA (Internal quality assurance) and more recently acquired a certificate in Make-up, which works hand in hand with my hairdressing skills. I like to pay attention to detail and love creative arts, nature, and reading and outside of the box thinking.


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